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TRAINING TESTIMONIALS from previous courses

Todd Kopriva | Former Adobe After Effects Product Manager

Roland has proven himself over the years to be one of the most consistently helpful and knowledgeable After Effects users in many contexts, including answering questions on online forums and providing detailed and accurate tutorials.

Self-paced, Adobe After Effects Expressions tutorials for you to prepare for the advanced Adobe After Effects courses. 

Our Advanced Adobe After Effects courses are extremely advanced and requires the use of Expressions in almost every step of the way. Problem-solving skills and fluency in Adobe After Effects are also critical requirements. 

A typical Adaptive & Responsive Toolkit requires Expressions to be applied to between 60-120 properties, across 30-50 layers - this creates a rig where every related property is linked to all the other properties; either directly or indirectly but the idea is that all the elements which make up the Rig, work together seamlessly. 

And this is how we develop highly intelligent and robust solutions where a single template is able to be used across innumerable use-cases while maintaining a consistent look (aesthetics) and feel (motion design & aesthetics).

I’ve curated a list of Expressions Tutorials from Parker Young’s excellent Youtube Series.

For a small free of US$10, you can purchase the documentation and project files for his tutorials. I am not affiliated with Parker Young's endeavor and will make no financial gains from supporting his expertise and excellent tutorials.

These additional course materials will help you be more productive during the learning process as well as provide avail yourself to the notes which will help you gain a more in-depth appreciation of the topics.


I have curated Parker Young's tutorials and created a shortlist of his tutorials that will help prepare you for our Advanced Adobe After Effects courses.

Section 1

101: Expression Overview
501: Overview & Terminology
502: JavaScript Syntax
503: Objects & Properties
504: Variables & Data Types
308: Expression Controls
102: Expression Showcase
406: Performance & Errors


Section 2

103: Launch Into Expressions
104: Expression Tools
105: Copying & Linking
205: Linear & Ease
106: Creating Expressions
301: Numbers (Javascript Math)
302: Advanced Numbers
202: Time Expression
203: Value Expression
204: Speed & Velocity


Section 3

305: Text
306: Advanced Text
505: Conditional Statements
506: Loops & Try Statements (for…Loop & Try…Catch)
303: Arrays
307: Color
402: Powerful Expressions

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