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Automated Data-driven Personalised Content Creation

We are experts at Responsive Motion Graphics & Template Development, the backbone to our
Digital Transformation for Content Creation services.

Video is the king of content and Data-driven Video is the crowning glory of content creation. Are you ready to take your content creation strategy a step up?

Automated Data-driven Video Content Creation allows you to send personalised videos to your customers, targeted personas and employees. Increase ROI, CLV and Employee Branding and you can add NFTs too! We can output to MP4s for regular Social Media or Landing Pages or to GIFs, for use in personalised emails.

We combine Automated Data-driven Content Creation with Responsive Motion Graphics to create bespoke videos at scale and with a customized look and feel - this is content creation at scale that looks great and achieves the intended KPIs.

We provide Consulting & Training if you prefer a Transfer-of-Knowledge service for your in-house team.

Our Video Automation service includes Data Mapping & Data Integration into our video post-production workflow. From here, we'll work together on the communications variables to build into each personalised video.

The Process

A high-level look at the process to develop a Brand Toolkit


Look at Existing Content
to look for patterns in use.
Situational Analysis.



Develop Brand Guide Design & Documentation.

Incorporate Responsive Motion Design Principles & Strategies.



Design Master Templates based on Brand Guides and apply Motion Design best-practices. 


Code the patterns and animations and test across a multitude of

use-cases and languages

(if required). 


Deploy for use and audit productivity gains and issues. Develop training content to onboard users.

Apply recommended procedures to improve deliverables.

​The process is simple and yet produces dramatically positive customer experiences.

We begin with your market segmented data based on personas you define, the goals you want to achieve and the promotions you have at your disposal and which marketing and/or branding strategy you want to employ.

Then, we'll work together to define the messages, visuals, audio and textual information that best fits each persona. 

We'll then combine coding into our post-production processes which includes use of Responsive Motion Graphics before mapping your data to fit into the automated workflow.

Then, VOILA! Your data-driven content automation process is ready to go. 

And since your data is now part of the code-driven post-production process and is automated, you can add new data easily and quickly to achieve exceptional productivity gains.

When new data frameworks come into play, it is relatively easy to implement these, based on the original data mapping structure we created.

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