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Responsive Motion Brand Toolkit

Responsive Brand Toolkits increase productivity, cuts cost and provide automatic brand identity compliance.
Brand Owners will have more time looking at 
increasing revenue and brand equity. 

Adaptive and Responsive Brand Toolkits allow you to stay in control of all Motion Graphics embellishments in your video presentations. This means automated brand compliance for one of the most difficult and time-consuming brand oversights brand owners face. 

Conventional Brand Toolkits include superfluous and dumbed down templates that require an expert Motion Graphics Artist to edit and at times, re-animate the template. This manual intervention means having to interpret and apply the brand guides and more often than not this leads to incorrect appreciation of the brand guides. And if the video is destined for output to different frame sizes and/or languages, the process gets bogged down and most brands simply make do with only a single language.

Adaptive and Responsive Templates are filled with code to auto-resize, auto-reposition and re-animate and this speeds up video post-production workflows. A single Adaptive and Responsive template is designed to cater to innumerable use-cases and is designed to be used by an editor or producer. 

We can do a one-day turnaround for conversion of most basic Brand Toolkits into a Responsive Motion Brand Toolkit. Adaptive features will require consultation and hence, lead to a slightly longer development time as well as additional tests. Then, if required, automation features can be added at a subsequent development stage.

broadcastGEMs develops the highest quality Adaptive & Responsive Motion Brand Toolkits anywhere in the world. Adaptive & Responsive features form the backbone of all intelligent Brand Toolkits and allow for the creation of bespoke, automated content. This leads to the ability to produce scalable, highly individualized content with super-fast turnarounds for video post-production while ensuring consistent brand identity.

As an example, a single Responsive Lower Third Template will automatically cover all use-cases, regardless of frame size, language or layout. Contrast this with traditional templates that require a professional motion designer for manual adjustments for each and every use.

The world's largest brands utilize Motion Graphics Brand Toolkits for their video productions to obtain automated brand identity compliance anywhere in the world, in any language, 24/7. 

Brand Videos, Social Media Videos, Training Videos, Event Videos - consistent branding is easy and quick with a Responsive Brand Toolkit 

One Responsive Brand Toolkit fits all Video Post-production requirements - IT WORKs LIKE MAGIC!

A Brand Toolkit allows a video editor to work speedily without requiring any input from a Motion Graphics Designer. We take matters a few steps further by incorporating Adaptive and Responsive features that are customer-centric; making them user-friendly, intelligent and robust.


A single Adaptive and Responsive Brand Toolkit is able to serve a very large number of use-cases including different text lengths and lines, different aspect ratios and frame sizes, and different languages.

Once these features are set in place, we can implement Video Automation features into the Toolkits so you can scale your content creation easily and quickly.

Responsive Motion Brand Toolkits are used in the most tedious part of video post-production, to help speed up workflows while ensuring consistent brand identity.

Once developed, the Brand Toolkit can be used in Social Media Posts, Corporate Videos, Training Videos and where ever your corporate brand identity is used.

​We are experts in Adaptive & Responsive Motion Graphics techniques and strategies. These are fully leveraged to develop Responsive Brand Toolkits. Our coding skills allow us to develop such solutions. We have also developed products for post-production and you can find these in our Products Page.

For documentation, we can develop Adaptive & Responsive Motion Graphics Brand Guides to ensure the Brand Toolkits are on-brand, in any language and in different screen sizes.


We can adapt existing designs, develop designs with an in-house design team, a 3rd party design agency or work with you to develop something fresh that will last into the years ahead.

We are also able to convert existing Brand Toolkits into

Responsive Motion Brand Toolkits.

What is Responsive Motion Graphics

Digital Transformation for Video Post-production

Responsive Motion Graphics is the underlying tech that creates intelligent and robust, self-resizing, auto-positioning and auto-animating master templates that lend themselves well for brand identity use while opening up opportunities for transformative solutions for content creation. 

Responsive Motion Graphics forms the foundation for other transformative solutions including Responsive Brand Toolkits, Bespoke Automated Data-driven Content Creation, Automated Content Creation for Localization Requirements and lots more transformative solutions to set you right for now and the future. 

Responsive Motion Graphics is an amalgamation of Design, Motion Design and Coding to provide automated and consistent look and feel of a brand for motion graphics embellishments in videos.

A single, well-designed Responsive Motion Graphics template will be able to cater to a multitude of use-cases; automatically handling texts of varying length and number of lines and it can intelligently auto-select visuals based on an algorithm.

It truly works like magic. 

A high-level look at the workflow to develop a Brand Toolkit

The Process


Look at Existing Content
to look for patterns in use.
Situational Analysis.



Design Master Templates. Incorporate Responsive Motion Design Principles & Strategies.




Develop Responsive Motion Graphics Brand Guide and Documentation.


Code the animations and test across a multitude of

use-cases and languages

(if required). 


Deploy for use and audit productivity gains and issues. Develop training content to onboard users.

Apply recommended procedures to improve deliverables.

Our Brand Toolkit Development solution is a value-based pricing service to ensure it is viable for brands of all sizes and maturity.

And we have a yearly-based subscription option for startups and SMEs. 








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Custom Made Motion Graphics Template

Custom Made Motion Graphics Template

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Case Study - Broadcast Toolkit - Conversion into Motion Graphics Template (MoGRT mgrt)

Case Study - Broadcast Toolkit - Conversion into Motion Graphics Template (MoGRT mgrt)

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A critical requirement to developing a robust Brand Toolkit is to incorporate Adaptive and Responsive Features.


Learn more about these features - Adaptive & Responsive Motion Graphics

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