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Advanced After Effects Courses - COMING UP SOON

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

If you've been following me on LinkedIn or Twitter or the Motion Design Artist Slack Channel you will have noticed my announcement on upcoming courses.

These are advanced courses and will employ Expressions and Javascript in almost every step/process. This is a very hands-on course with a maximum class size of 8 trainees.

Course Motivation

Adobe After Effects allows you to develop high-quality content. However, very few users know how to leverage its advanced features to produce high-quality content at speed and lots and lots of it.

One the most versatile and robust solutions is to upskill your Adobe After Effects knowledge with hands-on, real world projects using code, problem-solving techniques, design, motion design and to do these in a strategic manner so that the deliverables are robust, intelligent and versatile.

Here are samples of work using Adaptive & Responsive features for Motion Grapihcs

Adobe After Effects - Sample Course Topics
Adobe After Effects - Sample Course Topics

Course Methodoloy

This is a very hands-on course requiring lots of hands-on during the scheduled classes. Each topic will begin with an explanation of the topic and the motivation for delving into such an area. Real world samples will be shown to motivate trainees. The Instructor will then proceed on a step by step process on achieving the results, with trainees following along. This course is a lot about problem-solving. Hence, being able to understand a problem well and having good knowledge of the available tools will go a long way to allows trainees to gain the knowledge and skills to deliver solutions after the course.

Imparting wisdom means setting up strategies and processes that trainees can apply in their projects. Each course will require trainees to submit a project before receiving a Certificate of Attendance.

Trainees will have the option to purchase highly discounted consulting time with the instructor, for use after the course, on real world projects.

Here is the list of upcoming courses - 1- Developing Responsive Motion Graphics

with Adobe After Effects (approximately 21 hours)

2 - Developing Responsive Paragraph Texts

(approximately 6 hours)

3 - Developing Adaptive Motion Graphics

(approximately 18 hours)

incorporating Data-driven (Spreadsheet), Automated Workflows in Adobe After Effects

4 - Developing Motion Graphics Design Systems

(approximately 15 hours)

Online Classroom via Zoom All classes will be held online via Zoom. Each class is scheduled for 3 hours with a 10 minute break after the first 90 minutes.

Class Size

Each class will have a maximum of 7 trainees

Class Dates & Times

Trainees will be grouped into classes based on their timezones.

There will be two classes scheduled each week. Once on a weekday and the other on a weekend of the same week. This will allow us to cover 6 hours per week. Corporate, Customized & Onsite Training can be scheduled if you get in touch with me.

I am also available for Consulting & Training on these topics as well as for other Adobe After Effects topics and BorisFX Mocha.

These courses are in the midst of being prepared. Follow me or broadcastGEMs on LinkedIn to get updates there. The necessary forms as well as details on pre-requisites will be posted as soon as possible. Those with strong interest but without experience with Adobe After Effects Expressions will have to complete a pre-requisite course.

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