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Seamless Looping Animations
& Kinetic Sentence Alterations

The animations and videos below are Commissioned Work and Personal Projects. 

They showcase technical and artistic ability in creating seamless looping animations which are useful under many use-cases.

Expert Level GIF Animations optimized for small file sizes - ideal for Email Direct Marketing, Web and Mobile Apps. These can also be output to Lottie Animations. 

For all projects, I provided Technical Direction & Hands-on Animation. Some designs were from clients. I worked with the client starting from the ideation and design stages to ensure they would meet technical requirements pertaining to file size and looping considerations.

The smaller-sized animations have a client-specified platform filesize requirement of less than 5MB. Animations and Video Sequences may have been reduced in size to meet online, platform requirements.

Motion Brand Toolkit for

Motion Brand Toolkit are foundational to developing Video Design Systems.  

Combining Code, Design, Motion Design and Video, a brand's visual identity is encapsulated for use in Video Presentations; providing consistent brand identity across different platforms where branding messages are required.

These Motion Brand Toolkits were developed with Adaptive and Responsive Features. The Adaptive Feature ensures each Toolkit works seamlessly across different Frame Sizes

The Responsive Feature adds automated design features akin to Figma's Auto Layout but with even more advanced typographical and layout features.


Motion Toolkits with Adaptive & Responsive Features are essentially Master Templates. A Master Template can be easily and quickly versioned to create other on-brand templates for different use-cases or for multi-brand set ups. These Toolkits can be set up as a Single Source of Truth for Motion Brand Toolkits much like Design Systems for Web and Mobile. 

All these advanced features are automated and encapsulated in an easy-to-use UI; allowing Editors and Marketing Executives to simply input text and make basic selections and the Toolkit automatically creates the required output.

Other than providing automated on-brand experience and removing the need for extensive brand oversight, Adaptive & Responsive Brand Motion Toolkits can be used for Creative Automation; allowing for the creation of thousands of highly individualized bespoke videos in a single automated process.


The Looping Feature for this animation was done within 2-4 hours. Using code and keyframes, productivity is increased multi-fold while allowing for versioning or for the project to be templatized for future renditions in other projects. 


This entire animation was built with 8 keyframes on 4 properties. Code was used to work with the keyframes, to drive other properties. 

This animation uses lots of Responsive Features to read keyframe data and to respond to the keyframe values to drive other properties. While set up is a little longer, changes and versioning can be done quickly and this speeds up the entire process while creating opportunities for re-use in other projects.


Kinetic Sentence Alteration is an idea I cam up with to create interesting Kinetic Text Animations that captures the mind and imagination. The premise is to stoke the mind into taking thinking positively when encountered with otherwise mundane or even cliched phrases.

I have semi-automated the process to create Kinetic Sentence Alteration sequences. A single sentence can be completed in under 2 minutes, for simple set ups and no more than 20 minutes for trickier or longer sentences. Multiple sentences will require a little more time but they are still a productive endeavor considering the results.


This is a highly advanced Kinetic Text Animation which uses Responsive Features and advanced typographical and layout features. Code and Motion Design were used to create this seamless animation. 

I've templatized this animation. I am now able to simply type in text input for the Top and Bottom Text Layers and the results are provided instantaneously. 


This Seamless Loop Timelapse Video started with a hyperlapse video. I then used AI to slow down the footage incrementally in two passes. The original HD 1080 footage was then upscaled to 8K, using AI technology. Processing time was approximately 34 hours but the results were worth it. 

This video and other looping videos were played back during dinner for foreign dignitaries.

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