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Animation - Explainer Videos & Videos with CG/VFX

We have over 20 years experience in animating TVCs, Explainer Videos, Opening Titles for TV Programming and International Events



Explainer Video or Explainer Animations has been a popular genre for the past 15 years and we have been at it all this while. In fact, we have been creating animations for over 25 years. We're very efficient and we also combine code with animation tools to speed up workflows and to increase creative options. With our vast experience, we are able to lock in fast turnaround times with high-quality output. 


We have samples of our previous works for prestigious brands below. So, scroll down to find out more on how we can produce Explainer Videos that will help you get your messages across to your customers.


Click here to find out how we price a 1-minute Explainer Video


Our prices start at S$2,200 per minute and is inclusive of Music Licensing Fees and Sound Effects.

Why Choose Us
We can complete a 60-second Explainer Video within a week; starting from an approved script and storyboard. Of course, we will require the client to revert within a short time for each revision. For shorter animations, it is not uncommon for us to obtain client approval after the first preview. We set about the production processes clearly and we work very fast without loss in quality and we understand brand identity very well. These allow us to work quickly and confidently and clients always love a smooth ride while driven by an expert.

The broadcastGEMs Edge
We develop our own tools to work with best-in-class industry-standard applications such as Adobe After Effects, Cavalry and Rive to speed up workflows and increase creative options. We also develop our own animation tools to help us speed up workflows. A few of these tools are sold online and we have paid users in over 37 countries.

Our granular appreciation of motion design, brand identity, communicating with moving pixels and sound coupled with our coding abilities allow us to steamroll through tight deadlines at ease - most of the time. Time is money and if we complete a task quicker for you, it means a quicker time to market for you or more time spent on other areas.

When your animations or videos require that extra special touch to wow your clients or team members, we're an ideal partner for you.

Unwavering professionalism and precision execution are what we provide for a smooth process; from start to delivery.

We're also experts at video compression, producing videos with VFX integration, seamless animation loops, developing Adaptive and Responsive Brand Toolkits to excite your audience, speed up your workflows and to introduce Video Automation into your content creation processes.

View our current Reel here.

Scroll down to view a few of our previous works.


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