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If you can code, to move|affect pixels, I will almost certainly be able to make them viable for end-users -

I love designing|imagining tools for AE/PPro users.



About broadcastGEMs and Roland Kahlenberg

broadcastGEMs is the brandname for Roland Kahlenberg's products.


Roland has been an Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe After Effects since 2002. Roland is also a certified expert in mocha (BorisFX/Imagineer Systems). Roland has demoed apps for Media100, Adobe and Imagineer Systems at Trade Shows and private in-house presentations.


Roland was probably the first person in the world to develop Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere Pro templates; starting production in 2002. Roland is one of the original Forum Leaders at's Adobe After Effects online forum.


Roland has lectured on video production and post-production to diploma, undergraduate and post-graduate students. Today, when not moving pixels and Timeline engineering, Roland conducts courses in Adobe After Effects, mocha and occasionally, Adobe's other DVA products for professionals.

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AND ... if you enjoy music, especially guitar-oriented stuff, here are a few of my compositions and one interpretation.


Product Design & Coding

Roland Kahlenberg

TypeOnGEMs is available for AE CS6 and CC


TypeOnGEMs features -


  • ability to select cursor shape and customize its looks (because not all cursors are alike)
  • choose number of cursors (when one isn't sufficiently sexy)
  • type on from blank to 'default text' (standard stuff)
  • type on from scrambled text to 'default text' (for sci-fi | hi-tech stuff)
  • type on from 'default text' to scrambled text (for even more sci-fi | hi-tech stuff)
  • type on from left-to-right or right-to-left (because you can)




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TypeOnGEMs is a full-featured type-on text effect for Adobe After Effects

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