TypeGEMS has added 20 NEW Text Animation Presets! (Oct 23 2014) What is TypeGEMs/TypeGEMsRT? TypeGEMs is a PseudoFX that was developed to provide a comprehensive user-interface for Adobe After Effects' Type Tool. TypeGEMs provides a full-featured user interface as well as additional text selection and animation features not found in AE's Type Tool. TypeGEMs will allow you to create basic text animations quickly while also opening up endless possibilities when creating complex text animations. NO OTHER PRODUCT PROVIDES THE FEATURES AND EASE OF USE FOUND in TYPEGEMs!!! FEATURES Independently Select FIVE (From Left, From Right, From Center, From Edges and Random) Character Entry Directions for Transition-in Transition-out State. Character Entry Directions Can Be Selected Independently for Transition-in and Transition-out Select Transition in-/out Directions From a Simple Popup Menu Make Changes On-The-Fly - Even While Previewing! Pop-up Menus & Checkboxes Allow for Easy Selection of Transition Directions and Different Text Selection Modes One Simple/Powerful and Consistent Interface Provides Access to All Properties, for Each Preset Customize and Create Your Own in Record Time Built-in Inertial Bounce Psysics Includes Lots of Easily Customizable Options at Your Finger Tips Highly Customizable Randomizer Designed for Minimal Keyframes for Basic Text Animations New Text Selection Paradigm to Control up to Three Sections of a Text String TypeGEMsRT is the Ray-tracing Version of TypeGEMs (compatible with the Cinema4D Renderer - transparency is not supported in the C4D Renderer and this will disaffect our Glass Materials. Use the Ray-tracer for Glass Materials. SPEED With a couple of application tweaks, TypeGEMs previews and renders quickly. - even with the per Character 3D feature switched on! COMPATIBILITY TypeGEMs works with all English and non-English versions of AE CC and AE CS6. PRESETS TypeGEMs includes 90 Text Animation Presets and 25 Looks Presets. TypeGEMsRT includes 20 Text Animation Presets. Each TypeGEMsRT preset comes in a scene setting; with a camera, lights (with ray-traced shadows and/or reflections), floor and wall layers. ONLINE SUPPORT Receive online support at http://www.facebook.com/broadcastGEMs PURCHASE LINKS Purchase now and receive a download link via email within 12 hours. CURRENT VERSIONS TypeGEMs (V1a) TypeGEMsRT (V1a)







TypeGEMsRT (Ray-tracing)


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TypeGEMs - An Introductory Tutorial

TypeGEMs - 20 NEW Presets Showcase (Oct 23, 2014)

This screen grab displays the Groupie Section which allows a user to animate an entire text string as a group. Selecting Transition directions and applying various text attributes are a breeze. Transition start/end parameters allow you to animate an entire type sequence with zero or minimal keyframes!

TypeGEMs & TypeGEMsRT Bundle Pack - ONLY US$50!!!

TypeGEMS has added 20 NEW Text Animation Presets! (Dec 12 2017)


TypeGEMs - The Most Comprehensive UI for Adobe After Effects’ Type Tool

 Best (East-to-Use and Exceptionally Powerful) Companion for AE's Type Tool

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