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Adobe After Effects Training - broadcastGEMs

Motion Intensity Workshop

Adobe After Effects Certified Instructor - CC

Adobe Community Professional (Adobe After Effects)

Imagineer Systems Certified mochaPro Trainer -

Certified Expert in Adobe After Effects since 2003 | Certified mocha Instructor since 2011

Intensive Training in mocha and Adobe After Effects

The following links show videos examples of what trainees will create in their AE and mocha courses.

mochaAE Tracking Examples

Broadcast Design & Motion Graphics Example

AE CS6 Ray-tracer Examples

mocha AE/Pro V3 3D Object Tracking Example

AE with Newton Plugin Examples

AE with Trapcode Particular Plugin Examples

A number of footage items are from Hollywood Camera Work

Trainer's Showreel


Customized mocha & AE Training. Select From a List of 58 Topics

Trainees now have four weeks of post-training support via an online screen sharing application, telephone or emails.

Ross Shain, Chief Marketing Officer - Imagineer Systems, developers of mocha planar tracking and visual effects tools.

"Roland Kahlenberg is an excellent mocha and Adobe After Effects trainer. He has deep knowledge of our mocha products and the ability to clearly explain solutions to intricate and difficult visual effects and post-production tasks. Roland doesn't only explain what to do but he tells you why you're doing it. I encourage those who are keen to learn our products in a classroom environment, to seriously consider his intensive mocha courses."

Todd Kopriva, Adobe After Effects Team

"Roland has proven himself over the years to be one of the most consistently helpful and knowledgeable After Effects users in many contexts, including answering questions on online forums and providing detailed and accurate tutorials."


List of Courses

  • What's New in AE CC (Intermediate/Advanced)
  • A Perfect Start to Adobe After Effects (Newbie)
  • Moving On with Adobe After Effects (Intermediate)
  • Coding with Expressions and Developing MoGRTs/Templates
  • Comprehensive 3D in AE (Advanced)
  • VisualFX in AE - includes Tracking with mochaAE/mochaPro (Intermediate/Advanced)
  • One-on-one Personalised Training (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Customized Training. Select From a List of 58 Topics
  • Premiere Pro (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)

Request for More Info. Take note that I will only reply to enquiries that can be verified via email or telephone.

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Testimonials - Train with the best.

Roland has shown 100% dedication in his teaching and delivery. I have learned in depth, many new techniques and get to know many industry best practices.

I came into the course with an old hat full of holes ( and questions marks ), but left with a shiny new one, with full of tricks within!   Thank you Roland!

Tommy Low, Lecturer, School of Information Technology, NYP

A definite, must training, for motion graphics professionals, aspiring graphics professionals and serious hobbyist.

For 18 years I have been switching hats from traditional animation, motion graphics, 3D animation and currently to producing. After taking a customized one-on-one After Effects training with Roland, my passion for creating motion graphics has rekindled. Now I'm seriously thinking of going back into doing more hands-on motion graphics!

You don't just learn AE from Roland, his passion and dedication towards motion graphics is freakishly contagious."

Juddee Torres Senior Graphics Producer, Regional Production Services The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) Pte. Limited

"I have attended some Adobe After Effects modules previously and I found that Roland's lessons are by far the best structured and most efficient ones."

Click to read the full letter from Professor Lee Jae-Shin.

"I attended the Beginner & Intermediate Adobe After Effects (AE) lessons conducted by Roland in Mar 07. The courses really helped me in creating motion graphics using AE. For someone who had not heard of AE before taking the course, I am now confident and able to create professional motion graphics and videos and apply interesting effects to still images for my company's corporate videos!"

See Bee Gnoh , Engineer (COMMUNICATION/e-HR/TRG) - TECH Semiconductor (S) Pte Ltd

"A stimulating course that teaches practical techniques used by contemporary motion graphics professionals. A highly inspiring experience of assimilating knowledge, with a distinctively unique pedagogy."

Tina Jailani, Lecturer, School of Interactive & Digital Media, Nanyang Polytechnic

Why choose Roland Kahlenberg as your trainer?

Looking for a trainer isn't as straight forward as it may seem. You only have one chance to spend that precious money and what you get out of it depends largely on the trainer that you get. Be mindful of inexperienced trainers; one can actually study for exams and receive the required certification. Good trainers don't just take exams. They need years of experience as a profesisonal as they need to understand the intricacies of learning and pedagoy. I know of trainers out there who have used softwares for only a couple of years and then spend some time on taking an exam to qualify themselves as trainers.

So why pick Roland?

1) Experience: Roland has been a lecturer and trainer for over 10 years. He also directs, produces and works on all aspects of production and post production. His professional experience covers TV Commercials, TV Programming Graphics, Coroprate Videos and Interactive Multimedia applications. Roland's has also had a few years' of lecturing experience at Nanyang Technology UNiversity and LaSalle College of the Arts.

2) Experience: Roland has been using Adobe After Effects for the last 20 years and Adobe Premiere for the last 22 years. Roland's experience and work on the Internet has resulted in him being consulted by plugin developers and authors from the US and Sweden. He has been training full-time students, full-time lecturers and professionals in Adobe Premiere since 1997 and Adobe After Effects since 2001.

3) Experience: With knowledge of the entire video production process, Roland is able to answer all your workflow issues. Be it an Avid, FCP or PremierePro that is being used as your editing tool, Roland will offer great insights into managing your workflow. Need to output your video to the Web or for DVD authoring? Roland has actually provided consultancy work on such matters for the multi-million dollar project at the recently completed National Museum of Singapore.

4) Experience: The course syllabus you use and the pedagogy for the course depends on your trainer. Roland has experience setting course syllabi for under-graduate and post graduate students as well as creating customised courses for corporate clients such as Walt Disney TV (SEAsia), MediaCorpTV, Astro and CNBC.



Roland Kahlenberg - Your Trainer

Roland Kahlenberg, the founder of broadcastGEMs received his first Adobe Certified Expert certification in 2002. He has over 1,000 hours of lecturing and training experience coupled with 15 years of professional experience as a producer, director, visual effects supervisor and motion graphics artist. Roland has been using Adobe After Effects (AE) for the past 13 years. He has conducted seminars and conducted demos at BroadcastAsia for ACM SIGGRAPH Singapore and Media100 respectively.

Roland courses are provided within a Problem-centered Learning Environment. Such a pedagogy is student-centered and allows for real-world simulation and emphasis during the courses. A 26-year veteran in the production and post-production industry as a producer, scriptwriter, director, editor and motion graphics artist allows Roland to provide good in-sights during each course.

Roland has lectured at college and university levels and has trained hundreds of professionals in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. His students include video editors, promo producers, motion graphic designers, video producers, graphic designers, instructional designers, producers, university and polytechnic lecturers and both undergraduate and postgraduate students. And his professional work encompasses TV programming, TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Broadcast Promos/Branding and Interactive Multimedia Content. His recent projects include video projections on four stylised walls and a number of other smaller video presentations for the National Museum and a motion graphics package for ACM SIGGRAPH (San Diego 2007) that included over 250 video layers.

Participants who have attended Roland's courses include professionals from Astro (Malaysia), CNBC Asia, VHQ, SPH Mediaworks, WorldSportTV, Surreal Pictures and SAF; and lecturers from Nanyang Technological University, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic and several ITE institutions.

Roland is a frequent beta tester for 3rd party Adobe After Effects plug ins. He was one of a select few in the Asia Pacific who was invited to beta test Adobe's CS3 products. Roland is regularly invited to beta test plug ins from Adobe After Effects plug in developers. Roland is active over the Internet and helped set up AE Freemart, an online portal for all things related to Adobe After Effects and digital video. AE Freemart is now a subdivision of, one of the largest online retailers for Adobe After Effects products. Roland has also been invited, on two occasions, to be on the judging panel for COMGRAPH. COMGRAPH is an Asia-Pacific digital art and animation competition for students and professionals. COMGRAPH's panel of judges are made up of educators from various institutions of higher-learning in the Asia-Pacific.

Roland is a pioneer Contributing Editor and Forum Moderator at the Adobe After Effects forum at, the world's busiest online forum for digital media professionals and hobbyists. You can find a few of his tutorials here -

Create a Global Map with Particles of any shape. Add a camera, extrude the particles and make them fly.

You've seen videos where everything is in grayscale except for a single colour. That's easy. This tutorial will show you how to create a similar effect with two colours and everything else in grayscale.

Roland is the CreativeCOW's resident Particle Playrground expert and in this tutorial he shows you how to create game-like scenes using collision detection, multi-channel layer map creation and their effective use and dives deep into the mechanics of Particle Playrground.

Create cool-looking LED screen using Expressions. A simple, yet effective effect that can be used in numerous ways.

This is a best-seller tutorial that teaches you how to create 3D text and logos right in Adobe After Effects without 3rd party plugins.

He has great insights into the software and knows a great deal about video production, post production, motion graphics and broadcast design. He is currently the Chairperson for ACM SIGGRAPH, Singapore Chapter's Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design Chair. Should you want to take an Adobe After Effects course in the Asia Pacific, you will find no one better qualified than Roland.

We have four Adobe After Effects courses laid out for you. Starting from a Beginner's Level right up to creating Visual Effects and working in 3D with Adobe After Effects .Roland is also able to customize courses to suit the exacting needs of organisations - to assist them in the successful implementation of AE within their workflow.

Course Brochures, Fees & Dates -

Course fees include an industrial-strength course book worth approximately S$90.  Classes are from 9:30am - 6:30pm. This gives you a full 24-hour course runtime.Due to production commitments, we will no longer be setting up course dates.We will conduct our courses on an as-and-when required basis. Write in to us at the emails links provided below for enquiries.

Due to past intellectual copyright infringement on a number of occasions, we will only release course syllabi upon request - click on the appropriate links below to initiate your request.

Courses & Schedules  Fees Dates

Adobe After Effects - A Perfect Start - Request for Syllabus

(3 days - 24 hours)



Adobe After Effects - Intermediate - Request for Syllabus

(3 days - 24 hours)



Adobe After Effects - Complete 3D in AE - Request for Syllabus

Includes coverage on useful plugins such as Zaxwerks 3D, 3D Stroke, Particular and Forge Freeform.

(2 days - 16 hours)



Adobe After Effects - Visual Effects with mochaAE/mochaPro & AE - Request for Syllabus

(4 days - 24 hours)



Daily classes are from 9:30am to 6:30pm


Post-Training Support

All course participants will be entitled to free technical support via telephone or email for two weeks after the completion of a course. This entitlement provides for a maximum support of one hour (for telephone support), per day, up to a maximum of 4 hours per week. We truly care for our students and we find that this support provides them with comfort knowing that we will be there for them even after the eventuality of their course. This support is relevant, only, for those topics covered during the relevant course.


Payment for fees have to be cleared one week prior to the first day of class.


Course Pre-requisites

Pre-requisites "A Perfect Start" : There are no course pre-requisites for this introductory course. However, students with experience working with a timeline metaphor and/or those with Photoshop experience will find that those skills and knowledge will greatly enhance their learning experience. This introductory training course in Adobe After Effects is as good as it gets. You will receive nothing short of a solid foundation from which to build your knowledge and expertise in Adobe After Effects.

Pre-requisites : Intermediate - Participants are advised to start their training with, "A Perfect Start". Those who are self-taught for no longer than two years should start with "A Perfect Start". This course builds on the knowledge attained in the 'A Perfect Start" course. This course covers intermediate-to-advanced topics that will provide participants with a deeper understanding of how Adobe After Effects 'thinks'.

Pre-requisites - 3D in AE : Participants should have successfully completed the Intermediate course. This is an advanced course that builds on the theories and hands-on skills acquired from the Intermediate course. Participants will gain a thorough knowledge with Adobe After Effects' 3D environment. As it is, with the other courses, participants can expect to work with real-world examples such as creating a 3D stage; creating realistic shadows, reflections and 3D logos; creating 3D particles; and flying a virtual camera to create fly-bys and walkthroughs.

Pre-requisites - Visual Effects : Participants should have successfully completed the Intermediate course. This is a demanding course that requires participants to have working experience in the field and who want to empower themselves with high-end, specialized knowledge to better themselves in post production techniques. Although the 3D in AE course is not a pre-requisite, the course will prepare you for creating graphics and effects with the 3rd dimension in mind. 

Questions on the Pre-requisites?

We've provided links at the bottom of the page for you to write in to request for specific course details or to clarify matters pertaining to the pre-requisites stated above.

We ask for your kind understanding in our stipulations for these pre-requisites. We have had numerous participants who have signed up for a course without having the proper foundation. The end-result of signing up for a course that you are ill-prepared for will only delimit the scope of the course and is detrimental to the benefits of other course participants.

While we cannot assure that all participants have identical knowledge and skill-sets, we are determined to provide a learning environment which is condusive for all. And to that end, we have to at least try to ensure that all our course participants have similar foundational skills and knowledge.

Take note that Roland's in-depth knowledge of the subject matter allows him to cater to the individual needs of his students as and when required. What this means is that, should he notice that you are picking things up quickly, he will provide you with more complex exercises.

Please take note that introductory courses taken elsewhere will not be accepted as meeting the pre-requites for our Intermediate and Advanced courses.


Course Materials

All course participants will be provided with an industrial-strength course book valued at approximately S$90. The course fees includes the cost of this book. Participants in the Visual Effects course will spend half a day shooting and then re-creating some of the effects learned during the course. This is to ensure that they put to practice what they've learned in class. Students are required to bring their cameras to class.

Request for More Information & Course Application Forms. We accept all major credit cards via secure on-line purchase, cheques, and telegraphic transfers. Let us know of your preference in your email.

Please provide a telephone number in your emails.

Click on the appropriate link to send an email or call (65) 8146-3418.

Enquiry - A Perfect Start

Enquiry - Intermediate

Enquiry - 3D in AE

Enquiry - Visual Effects

Enquiry - All FOUR Courses 

Enquiry - Customised & Weekend Courses & One-on-One Training

All information provided is accurate as of Jan 14 2013. Course outlines may change to suit the specific needs of participants. Adobe, After Effects , Premiere, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.