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All elements used in this video will be provided to trainees.

Lots of additional elements and PseudoFx's will also be provided.

Approval for funding is on a case-by-case basis by the relevant authority.

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Promo Video -

created entirely with Shape & Text Layers

Project Files -

get productive quickly

Trainees receive these completed AEPs and lots of PseudoFXs

Testimonials for Workshop Developer & Trainer

  • Ross Shain

    Ross Shain -

    Academy Award Winner with Imagineer Systems (mocha)


    “Roland Kahlenberg is an excellent mocha and Adobe After Effects trainer. He has deep knowledge of our mocha products and the ability to clearly explain solutions to intricate and difficult visual effects and post-production tasks.


    Roland doesn't only explain what to do but he tells you why you're doing it. I encourage those who are keen to learn our products in a classroom environment, to seriously consider his intensive mocha courses.”

  • Todd Kopriva

    Todd Kopriva -

    Adobe After Effects Team


    “Roland has proven himself over the years to be one of the most consistently helpful and knowledgeable After Effects users in many contexts, including answering questions on online forums and providing detailed and accurate tutorials.”

  • Juddee Torres

    Juddee Torres -

    Senior Graphics Producer, Regional Production Services The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) Pte Ltd


    A definite, must training, for motion graphics professionals, aspiring graphics professionals and serious hobbyist.


    For 18 years I have been switching hats from traditional animation, motion graphics, 3D animation and currently to producing. After taking a customized one-on-one After Effects training with Roland, my passion for creating motion graphics has rekindled. Now I'm seriously thinking of going back into doing more hands-on motion graphics! You don't just learn AE from Roland, his passion and dedication towards motion graphics is freakishly contagious.

  • Tina Jailani

    Tina Jailani -

    Lecturer, School of IDM,  Nanyang Polytechnic


    “A stimulating course that teaches practical techniques used by contemporary motion graphics professionals. A highly inspiring experience of assimilating knowledge, with a distinctively unique pedagogy.”

  • Professor Lee Jae-Shin

    Professor Lee Jae-Shin -

    Lecturer, School of Communication & Information, Nanyang Technological University


    I have attended some Adobe After Effects modules previously and I found that Roland's lessons are by far the best structured and most efficient ones.

PseudoFXs -

Go crazy with these transition and path effects.

Leverage on the animation engine by creating your own shapes/designs.

highly customizable productivity tools

  • Who should attend this course?

    Anyone who has the prerequisites and who would like to master Shape and Text Layers.


    Shape and Text Layers are integral elements in InfoGraphics and videographics. Shape and Text Layers are also the starting point to creating beautiful extruded logos and text in Adobe After Effects - we will cover Ray-tracing vigorously in this Workshop.

  • What are the prerequisites for this Workshop?

    This Workshop has been designed for professionals who have worked on real-world projects using Adobe After Effects.


    Trainees should already know how to perform the following tasks in Adobe After Effects -

    (1) Manage media assets and folders in the Project Panel

    (2) Work comfortably with layers to create a composite

    (3) Create different types of Temporal Keyframes

    (4) Pre-compose and nest compositions


  • What is the maximum class size for this Workshop?

    Nine. This number of trainees allows me to oversee the Workshop in a productive manner.


    A minimum of four trainees is required to start a Workshop.

  • I am relatively new to AE, how can I obtain the prerequisites?

    I have Introductory Courses in Adobe After Effects. Use the Message Box below to inquire on these courses.


    Alternatively, you may send your inquiry via email at

  • Four days seems like a lot for Shapes and Text Layers - what else will I learn?

    I will be covering interoperability between AE and Adobe Premiere Pro and snippets of Adobe Audition will also be covered.


    Ray-tracing requires us to work in AE's 3D environment. We will spend some time working with a powerful Camera Rig which will allow you to create awesome camera moves for your 3D Shape and Text Layers.


    There will be a lot of hands-on session. My pedagogy is to start off each lesson with some theory before moving on to practical application. There is also a Course Project where you will apply your skills and knowledge. I will be on-hand to ensure that you apply efficient and effective workflow mechanics. I will ensure that you use the available tools efficiently and effectively to achieve your creative and communications objectives.


    The topics that I cover, in relation to Shape & Text Layers, such as animating a Camera Rig, Working with 3D Layers,  Optimizing Hardware and Software, Efficient Workflows, Optimal Preview and Render Settings and Motion Tracking are applicable across many other uses in AE.


  • Is there post-training support for me after completing the Workshop?

    It is important to me, that you successfully apply the skills and knowledge attained from the Workshop. To this end, I provide a two-week post training support via emails and if necessary and viable, via telephone.


    An exchange of project files and notes is not uncommon as part of my post-training support.


    All emails will be answered within 24 hours. More details on post-training support will be provided during the Workshop.

  • How often is the Workshop conducted?

    In Singapore and Malaysia, I expect to conduct this Workshop between 3-4 times each year.

  • I'm a trainer, do you allow syndication of this Workshop's training materials?

    Syndication Rights are allowable only for classroom-based training. I can provide a Learner Guide, Workshop Exercises (AEPs) and the PseudoFXs used in the Workshop.


    Only one syndication is allowed per territory. We will work together to define this territory prior to issuing a Syndication License and its accompanying  Rights. I will work with you to ensure that


    A nominal fee, based on per trainee, will be charged as part of the Syndication License.


    Only Adobe Certified Instructors who are currently part of Adobe's Training Partner Program are eligible to apply for Syndication Rights.


    Syndication Licensing is currently available outside of Singapore and Malaysia.


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